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Honeycomb first lit the hearth in February of 2018, but the fire that guided us here has been burning for over a decade. Founder Benjamin Vickers had long dreamed of providing Lakelanders a local source of hand-crafted breads and pastry. Honeycomb is the ideal gathering place for artisans to participate in the ten thousand year tradition of bread-making. Every early morning spent firing the ovens and shaping sourdough is a new chapter of that tradition; a new opportunity to practice and improve through incremental progress.

Writer and baker Trevor Wilson wrote, “Bread is an extension of a baker's very being. All of the baker's beauty, and all of the baker's struggles are baked into every loaf. A baker doesn't just create bread from flour, water, and salt—he creates it from the soul within.”

For all those who gather around our hearth, that soul of grace and generosity is what guides and shapes every treat shared with our friends and guests.

Have you seen the mark of the golden bee on Honeycomb’s wide variety of baked goods? On menus and doors around town? Look for that golden glimmer and know that delicious, well-crafted delights are found nearby.