Wholesale Policies

. 2019 .

Welcome to Honeycomb’s family of wholesale clients! Thank you for partnering with your local neighborhood bread bakers. Our goal is to help you in every possible way to provide your guests with the freshest, highest quality breads possible; thereby improving your reputation and ultimately your bottom line.


New Clients

Providing the best possible dining experience for your guests is a difficult and expensive labor of love; especially when it comes to the mysterious alchemy that turns flour and water into exquisite artisan breads. Let us take the burden off your staff and your budget by joining Honeycomb’s wholesale family!

Please use our Contact Page to tell us a bit about your business, your menu needs, and request a wholesale menu.


The time, care, and manpower required to produce our of breads and pastry is the greatest driver of quality and excellence behind our products. It also presents a challenging logistical puzzle. Until we become more established as a company, we are unable to guarantee specific delivery dates and times, but we are committed to being flexible in meeting your production needs. Here are our current wholesale ordering policies:

  • All orders must be in writing via text message or email. We send out weekly reminders to place orders on Tuesday Morning

  • Wholesale production and deliveries are processed Monday through Thursday with limited wholesale production on Friday.

  • We are unable to process new wholesale orders on Friday or Saturday.

  • If there is an emergency, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. There may be a surcharge added to your invoice if your order is placed outside of our designated wholesale schedule.

    . Our Schedule .
    Monday - Thursday:
    Wholesale Production 12am - 1pm
    Final Orders Placed
    Retail Production Only 12am - 5pm

Sales Tax

Business-to-business transactions of product intended for resale are tax exempt. Honeycomb must have your company’s valid Florida Annual Resale Certificate on file for 2019. For new clients, please submit your certificates by the end of the currant quarter.

You can find more information about Annual Resale Certificates here.


Minimums & Deliveries

We require an minimum of $40.00 to process wholesale orders. Sometimes different clients will order the same product and we are able to bundle the production together, thereby waiving the order minimum. We will work with you to get your product made without forcing you to over-order. For Lakeland deliveries, we include a delivery fee of $1.50 per mile. For Polk County deliveries outside of Lakeland, we add a $20 flat-rate fee.


Returns are accepted for errors on the part of Honeycomb, for example the wrong shape or size of loaf. In this instance, the cost of the returned product will be credited to the client’s account.

It is important to check orders before accepting them. Once the client accepts a delivery, it becomes their responsibility to care for the product and keep it fresh.

Everything we do is handmade from scratch and baked to-order. Our products are perishable and keep best stored as recommended in our freshness guidelines. For these reasons we do not accept returns for product that stales.

Freshness & Quality

It is imperative to us that our clients are empowered to serve products that are fresh and safe to eat. Product that is stale, soured, burnt, damaged, or stored in unsafe conditions reflect badly on both Honeycomb and the client! As Honeycomb’s wholesale client, you agree to hold up the safety standards of the Heath Department. Honeycomb reserves the right to stop production for clients that do not uphold the Health Department’s safety standards. Here are some our best recommendations to preserve the flavor and texture in your purchases:

  • Breads and pastry that will be eaten soon are best kept in an airtight container at room temperature. Wrapping securely in plastic wrap, a sealed ziplock, or lidded container all work well.

  • Our products freeze excellently. It is highly recommended that you freeze well-wrapped breads and pastry if you are not going to use them right away. Frozen bread will stay fresh for months.

  • To refresh frozen product, let it return to room temperature while still wrapped tightly in plastic.

  • If the product has been stored and thawed correctly, heating gently in a toaster, or for 2-5 minutes in a 350*F oven will return your product to a freshly-baked quality.

  • Bread and pastry that has been already frozen and thawed cannot be re-frozen.



Honeycomb is a premium brand with a dedicated, loyal following. The golden glimmer of Honeycomb’s bee is an instantly recognizable and attractive asset to your menu. In addition to mentioning that you feature hand-crafted artisan baked goods on your menu, please consider adding the gold bee icon to your menu, and window decal to the entry of your establishment. Clients also receive promotional benefits on our website and social media posts.

Invoicing & Payment

Honeycomb uses an online invoice system that allows clients to conveniently pay electronically. Payment is due 15 days after delivery of the invoice and can be done by using the “Pay Now” function on the e-invoice via credit card. Honeycomb also accepts paper checks; please make checks out to Honeycomb.

As a fledgling business, Honeycomb can only allow up to $350 of total unpaid invoices for our wholesale clients. Please note that to continue to place and receive orders, invoices must be paid down so as to not exceed a total balance of $350. If you have special circumstances that may cause you to exceed the credit limit, please let us know and we will try to work with you. Please contact us if you have any questions about invoicing and payment.

At the end of each month, Honeycomb will send each client a statement that itemizes every transaction made for the entire month prior. This statement is not a bill, but may indicate that you have an outstanding or overdue balance. Please contact us if you have any questions about your statements.

Thank you for taking the time to review these wholesale guidelines.
We can’t wait to share our love of baking with you and your guests. Together, let’s make our city a better, yummier place to live.